Jwheelz Traction & Flotation

J-wheelz are an attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6-Wheel Vehicles that add traction and flotation to a machine.  J-wheelz bolt on to the existing wheel, widening it with a unique shape that allows it to handle the deepest mud without affecting the drivability of the vehicle when on firm ground. This allows the rider to maintain full steering and speed capabilities of the machine as well as extends the life of J-wheelz by keeping them from wearing on the pavement.


J-wheelz consist of a durable Impact resistant copolymer shell made from materials similar to plastics used in automotive bumpers which are known for impact rebound. This material is extremely durable and rated for temperatures down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
J-Wheelz add traction through fixed permanent hubs as well as flexible rubberized traction blades which insert into the shell. These blades come in two different sizes and are replaceable simply by sliding the blade out the back of the shell when the unit is uninstalled from your machine. The less aggressive blades come standard for front wheels to ensure full steering without any fender clearance issues. The back wheels come standard with the more aggressive blades to give you maximum traction.
A closed cell marine grade foam makes up the center core and also fills the back ‘tire side’ of the J-wheelz. This foam adds the flotation to J-wheelz and also ensures J-wheelz will not take on water or fill with mud. It is puncture resistant, lightweight, and durable.

Because of the care put into material selection, J-wheelz are the best of all worlds. Weighing in at only 7lbs each, J-wheelz won’t weigh down a machine, but are extremely durable.

A set of four J-wheelz installed on a machine will add 310lbs of additional flotation. This is enough to fully float many stock machines 

J-wheelz also provide additional stability for your ATV on side-slopes and rollover situations.  J-wheelz substantially increase the height of the ATVs tipping point which makes them considerably more stable in many situations

Installation is simple. Replace two existing lug nuts with provided coupler extension nuts. J-Wheelz then bolt into coupler nuts. There is no need to jack up your machine or take off your existing tire. Total time needed to install four J-Wheelz is between 10-15 minutes

J-Wheelz are designed to fit any 23-26 inch tire and can be used on ATV’s, UTV’s, and 6-Wheel Vehicles with any rim diameter. J-Wheelz are made to fit any standard four-bolt pattern, but specialized fittings can be created at an additional cost