PEP Suspension

Performance Engineered Products USA are world class Manufacturers of custom hand built high quality Suspension products.

PEP was formed in 1983 when Wayne Mooradian recognised the need for better "race-equipped" ATV suspensions.

Wayne’s background in motorsports is rather impressive. From the 1970's to early '80's, Wayne turned wrenches for over 30 factory motorcycle racers.

Not many motorcycle technicians can say they were the factory race team mechanic for the Maico, Can-Am, Suzuki, Husqvarna, and Yamaha motorcycle racing teams.

  • Wayne was also part of the research and development team that propelled a dominating win-record for the most successful factory motorcycle racing team of the '80's - Team Honda! His credentials don't just exist in motorcycle racing.

  • Wayne developed all of the suspension components for the 1985-86 factory Kawasaki three wheelers of Jimmy White.

  • In '87-88 he developed the suspension products for the Team Suzuki Quad Racer's of Gary Denton, Rodney Gentry, Jeff Watts, and Jim Putnam. During the same season, Wayne built suspension systems for Kawasaki Team Green support riders of Jackie Meadows and Charlie Shepherd.

  • In the late '80's he developed the motors, chassis, and suspension for Team Honda desert ATV team.

  • 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002 PEP Pro racer Tim Farr won 6 indoor and 4 outdoor Grand National Championships (TT & MX combined)

  • 1997 Shane Hitt won the Pro Grand National Championship and another 8 Pro TT titles in a row.

  • 1999 “Digger” Doug Gust won the Pro Grand National Championship in on PEP Suspension.

  • 1995-2006 That's an impressive 12 USA National & Grand National Title wins between

  • Josh Upperman is currently the Top American Privateer racing for PEP & Baldwin Honda in the ultra competitive USA Pro 450 class.

  • 2015 John Natalie USA Pro racer for Factory Honda PEP Inaugural Daytona ATV winner.

  • 2017 Yamaha Factory PEP Pro Racer Hernan Dimaio from Argentina has won 5 National Championships in MX & Super Moto.

All PEP shocks are custom built in the USA and come with detailed explanation sheets allowing you to dial in your shocks for different terrain or racetracks.

All of the PEP front shocks come with easy spring tuning triple rate springs and crossovers.

The short spring on the top of the shock works about 10% of the wheel travel and soaks up small bumps plus the acceleration of the quad.

The medium sized spring in the middle of the shock works about 20-30% of the wheel travel and acts in mid-size bumps, braking bumps, and whoops.

The remaining percentage of the wheel travel is absorbed by the large spring located on the bottom of the shock soaking up landings from big jumps

PEP suspension has won too many championships to list!

ATV PRO are proudly the Australian distributors for PEP suspension and able to provide professional support with race set up, service and parts.

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Goldspeed ATV UTV Tyres, wheels & Racing Products

Goldspeed racing products are renowned for their race winning performance and used by Professional ATV champions around the world.

Goldspeed tyres are of excellent quality, built to precise specification that meets & exceeds the European standard.

Goldspeed tyres have a very consistent circumferential dimension.

Many other brand ATV tyres are known for varying circumferential dimension that may compromise performance and safety.

Goldspeed's special Rubber compound they call PPM is up to 100 times stronger than normal rubber. This special rubber compound allows for a super lightweight tyre that gives awesome performance with considerably less tyre bounce that be characteristic with other ATV tyre brands.

Specially designed Goldspeed tread patterns with exclusive rubber compounds maximise performance & minimise wear .

"NEW" Goldspeed wheels now available.

ATV PRO are the Australian Distributors for Goldspeed racing products.

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