Goldspeed ATV UTV Tyres, wheels & Racing Products

Goldspeed racing products are renowned for their race winning performance and used by Professional ATV champions around the world.

Goldspeed tyres are of excellent quality, built to precise specification that meets & exceeds the European standard.

Goldspeed tyres have a very consistent circumferential dimension.

Many other brand ATV tyres are known for varying circumferential dimension that may compromise performance and safety.

Goldspeed's special Rubber compound they call PPM is up to 100 times stronger than normal rubber. This special rubber compound allows for a super lightweight tyre that gives awesome performance with considerably less tyre bounce that be characteristic with other ATV tyre brands.

Specially designed Goldspeed tread patterns with exclusive rubber compounds maximise performance & minimise wear .

"NEW" Goldspeed wheels now available.

ATV PRO are the Australian Distributors for Goldspeed racing products.

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